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Flowers Vermilion is my floristry studio/shop based in Glasgow. It was set up by me, Terri Hawkins, as a way of combining my skills as a set dresser, artist, gardener and florist. My flower displays are treated like sculptures and installations and have appeared in fashion shoots, art exhibitions, weddings and other events.

Bold colour, shape, my love for dutch still life paintings, Ikebana and all things kitsch combine to create a retro, classical and playful signature style. I work intuitively and with a mixture of exotic, seasonal, locally grown and foraged flowers. My approach to floristry means that each display is unique and an expression of my creativity.

Flowers Vermilion is available for all floristry needs across Scotland and other parts of the UK by request.

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Vermilion Studio
18 St andrews Street 


Flowers Vermilion                                   
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